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Here is the place to be for real and updated researched information about trending technologies and gadget reviews to aid you to take less time when deciding what to buy by describing the features, pros and cons, and where to get them.

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Who is Techie Bea?

The founders of TechieBea.com are crazy passionate techie team of students studying Computer Science and Integrated Engineering in Sweden and Germany.

We are eager to explore technological environments to add value to ourselves, you and all the visitors of TechieBea.com

Our vision:

To give the latest tech update, reviews of gadgets, and give the best value to your gadget’s buying decision.

This is enhanced through deep real researches by our skilled team to ensure quality is maintained in information given.

How do we review the products?

We cover the attainable and aspirational products which we think are the best for most people.

While other technology blogs focus on nitty-gritty monocles, Techie Bea Team aims to engage customer looking to purchase new gadgets who don’t
need to know tech spec minutia.

The customers mostly need to understand how products work and feel to use them frequently.

We do reviews by conducting market researches to identify the products needed.
We then collect feedback from experienced users to know how
they individually felt when they used the products.

Finally, we buy the products and do the real life research proving whether provided information is true or false.

In our report, we include the pros and cons of the products without leaning on either side so that the persuaded buyers can make a clear decision on which product to buy in our categories.

What is our benefit?

TechieBea.com ensures mutual benefits between the readers and the blogging team.

When we provide our readers with valid information, we earn some commission through linking the buyer to the sellers (Amazon.com) of the products being reviewed.

Once a sale is made, Amazon Services LLC Associates pay advertising fees. We also develop our researching skills and update ourselves.

On other hands, we provide our readers with reliable updated information about advanced technology.