Vast Advantages of Having a Smartwatch – Good to know!

Before you go telling me what a big waste of money smartwatches are, hear me out. Smartwatches are something that had hit the world like a storm ever since Apple announced the first generation back in 2014.

It’s been four years now, and these gadgets have seen much improvement over the years. Smartwatches have become a potent device which is used by many nowadays.

These little devices have become abundant in all platforms and come in different shapes and sizes. So, before you judge the device for what it is not, let me tell you about the advantages of what it is.

Having A Tool Which Only Tells Time Is Just Inconvenient!

All the technology which has been developed so far is only to make a person’s life more convenient.

Wristwatches were developed in 1812 keeping the same convenience factor in mind although only showing time is not convenient at this age and time.

Smartwatches, however, fit the current age perfectly. These watches were developed in such a manner which allows its user to make the most out of a tool that sits at the user’s hand most of the time.

Not only smartwatches tell time but also are capable of varieties of other cool things which were only possible with a phone.

Classic Instincts Are Reflected By Old Wristwatches Or Are They?

Yes, nothing represents class more than a Rolex setting at your arm, I getit. However, if you are wearing a Seiko worth $100-$400, then my friend, you may not be as classy as you think you are.

Not criticizing the brand in any way, I am sure they are good at what they do but let’s see the bigger picture here.

In the same amount of money, you can get a lot more. You can get the same classic factory with added functionality.

Smartwatches have a classy design which will make anyone look at your wrist twice.

Benefits of SmartWatchs

Advantages/Benefits of a Smartwatch: The Cool Factor of it.

Even you will have to agree on owning the latest technology that directs a lot of eye towards you.

I can guarantee you every 8 out of 10 people around is going to ask about your smartwatch. Now, who doesn’t like the extra attention right?

If you are one of those persons who doesn’t, then maybe the smartwatches ain’t just for you.

Traveling Just Got A Little Bit Easier

Traveling is something which most of us like and dislike at the same time. We love moving because we get to be in different places out of our boring lives.

We dislike traveling because we are at a new place and every single thing is an inconvenience for a while around you.

Smartwatches can make some of those inconveniences go away. Can’t find your hotel? GPS is here to help.

Phone died, but you have to make a call? Leave it to the smartwatch. Need to check your heartbeat? It’s only one scan away.

Getting That Lazy Ass Off The Couch

“Need to lose weight, going to exercise from tomorrow onwards,” something which you have told yourself a million times but yet failed to do it.

Smartwatches can help you achieve that goal. This small yet powerful tool comes with multiple sensors which can monitor your heart and footsteps.

You can set a target for yourself which will be saved on the watch, and the watch will keep on alerting you every once a while about that goal.

The watch will also advise on optimum distance for you to walk to reach the desired fitness level.

Misplaced Your Phone? Leave It To The Watch.

We have all been there. Looked everywhere for the thing but we cannot seem to find it.

Phones are more essential to use nowadays than any other gadgets. Even so, we somehow end up keeping it somewhere and forget about it.

Smartwatches have a little trick up their sleeves which will save you the trouble of turning your whole house upside down finding the little thing.

“Find my phone”; this is a feature that comes with almost all the smartwatches. Upon tapping on the app, your phone will automatically start to ring making it easier for you to find the thing.

Taking Your Phone Out After Every Beep Is A Pain

“Took out phone expecting it to be a message after the phone vibrated, but turned out to be a useless notification,” something we are all familiar with.

This doesn’t happen to a smartwatch owner. The notification is displayed on the watch screen.

Every time your phone vibrates to give you a notification alert, the notification is shown instantly on the watch giving you a peak of what you will see once you take your phone out.

Quickly Reply To Messages And Answer Phone Calls

Well, you already know this already, but this is so that you do not underestimate the feature. There are times when replying to a message instantly using your smartwatch can be a game changer.

Answering short phone calls on your smartwatch are easier. You just don’t have to take your phone out every time the damn thing rings.

Calling someone or messaging someone using your watch is also made possible; thanks to this device.

In some models, you don’t even have to type on the screen to use the watch. Just command the watch using your voice, the processor will do the rest.

Better Battery Life Than Your Phone

Phone nowadays due to extensive use dies a lot faster than you like them to. This makes it difficult for social media freaks like us to keep connected to the internet world.

Smartwatches can make that connection last a lot longer. Good smartwatches have a battery life which is longer than a phone.

Smartwatches can do all the things related to social media that your smartphone can although the experience might not be as fast, in desperate times, it will do.

Media Is Just Two Clicks Away

Who doesn’t want the extra time to spend watching a video on YouTube or browsing photos?

These tools allow you to do so at a much compact size. Watching videos on the go couldn’t have been easier; thanks to the device.

Just unlock the device and then click on the YouTube app or photo gallery app and boom! You are all set to start browsing your desired media.

It’s Just Easier To Use

A phone is made in such a way which will go into or on anything. A phone will fit in a bed or may sit on a desk.

But it’s not always convenient to go around the corner reaching for the phone or to dig the bag to find the phone.

Smartwatches, on the other hand, will always be there sitting on your wrist and will be available for use at any given time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions that are asked by most people regarding smartwatches.

What is the main function of the smartwatch?

Smartwatches are designed in a way which will make your day to day life easier. A smart watch also makes sure you have added functionality also if you see the time. With this tool, you can leave your phone once a while.

If I have to list a few benefits, they would be:

  • Cool factor
  • Added functionality
  • Sleek design
  • New technology
  • Attracts attention towards you
  • Multimedia at your wrist
  • Phone calls and messages are clicks away.

Can you use smartwatch without a phone?

Yes, you can, smartwatches have LTE support. E-sim can be placed in a smartwatch which will allow it to function as a separate device rather than an extension of your phone. Those smartwatches cost a bit higher.

Can I swim and watch videos?

That is possible too although you won’t be able to hear the audio correctly as if submerged underwater sound cannot leave the speakers of the watch.

Does smartwatch have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is essential for a smartwatch when you are going to download its update or any other application designed for the watch.

Final Thoughts

Smartwatches are the second best technological breakthrough in the 21st century, the first being the smartphone.

These simple yet sophisticated tools are underestimated due to the size of the thing which is truly sad.

Hopefully reading the article, you have learned some of the many advantages that a smartwatch user can have.

Trust me on this, get a smartwatch and your life will be a little less inconvenient.

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