10 Best Cheap DZ90 Smartwatch (Amazing Capability)

DZ09 Smartwatches are the most affordable yet useful devices you’ll find on the market. They come with many of the features a high-end smartwatch comes but for a widely meager price.

They are perfect for testing before getting a better product, as well as for those budget users who want to have a decent enough smartwatch in their wrist.

The DZ09 watches can come in many colors and with different features, but the overall design and capacity is almost the same no matter the brand.

This Chinese budget smartwatch version is a perfect choice for beginners in the wearable world, as well as for kids who need a less expensive option.

No matter the reason for buying one, here you’ll find ten of the best models you can pick – so come further and find out!

Top 10 Cheap DZ09 Smartwatch – Review

Buying Chinese watches is a little confusing, especially when it comes to DZ09. Almost all of these devices look very similar and come with nearly the same features, advantages of smartwatches but they also offer several differences you need to know about.

Taking a look at the following reviews before buying will help you a lot:

1. Aeifond Touch Screen Bluetooth Smartwatch

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Compatibility with a wide array of smartphones as well as excellent features including several notifications and even a sleep monitor, the Aeifond is an excellent DZ09 Bluetooth smart watch without a doubt.

The thing about this brand is that it offers better durability & resistant than other options. Made with a slightly more sturdy design, it holds not only falls and impacts, but also resists high temperatures.

It comes with many features such as a pedometer, Bluetooth, alarms, recorders, and notification push and more. You will obtain one of the most reliable DZ09 models in the market for a fantastic price.


  • Exceptional Compatibility with Android Phones
  • Very Reliable & Sturdy Build
  • Several Useful Features for a More Convenient Cheap Device
  • Reliable and Easy to Use Entirely

Supported OS: Android & iOS

Color Options: Black, Silver, and Gold

2. Padgene

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It can synchronize with many of your smartphone apps including Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp while giving you the chance to make and receive calls in the process.

And if you don’t have a SIM card, you can hook it up via Bluetooth with any phone without issues, making it one of the most versatile options out there.

The display is pretty responsive, and the whole system works really fast and effectively. You will obtain a very cheap wearable that even comes with a camera and several tracking features such as sleep monitoring and a sedentary reminder.


  • Excellent Versatility with SIM Card Slot and Bluetooth Capacity
  • More Color Options than Most with 7 Different Designs
  • Fast & Responsive Synchronizing Capacity
  • High-Quality Addition of 2.0 MP Camera

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Color Options: Gold with Black Band, Gold with White Band, Gold with Gold Band, White, Black, Silver, and Rose Gold.

3. Pandaoo

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The Pandaoo is one of the most reliable DZ09 smartwatche in the market, with a 533Mhz processor and 128MB of RAM. It won’t offer the same capacity as the most expensive devices but will work really well for those who expect and responsive-enough and reliable product.

You will even get several fitness tracking features as well as an MP3 player, sleep monitor, and a camera with remote control.

The device offers practically everything a budget smartwatch should offer and more. This is an option for those who expect a lot from their DZ09, as it is easily one of the most complete in the market.


  • Reliable with Great Processor and RAM Speed
  • Wide Array of Tracking and Fitness Features for Convenient Operation
  • Shinier Looks than Most DZ09s In the Market
  • Top-Notch Connectivity Quality with 2G Networks

Supported OS: None

Color Options: Black, Silver, Silver with White Band, Bronze with Brown Band

4. SinoPro

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Having the ability to expand the internal storage capacity to 32GB, the SinoPro DZ09 comes like a very versatile choice for content-driven users. You will be able to add as many pictures, music, and videos on your smartphone as you want and you will still enjoy a highly reliable device in its entirety.

This watch also comes with a camera, and a complete list of features like sleep monitor, mp3 player, and more.

The best of all, this DZ09 is compatible with all types of Android devices, offering top-notch synchronization for all types of notifications. Still, you can pair it up with iPhone, Blackberries and even Windows Phones without issues but without the same benefits as with an Android.


  • Very Convenient Expandable Storage Capacity
  • Excellent Compatibility With Android Devices
  • Complete Set Of Features & Apps
  • Very Long-Lasting 380mah Battery

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Color Options: Black and White

5. Qiufeng

If you want a reliable DZ09 Bluetooth smartwatch, the Qiufeng is a pretty good choice. It offers everything you need from 2G and 2.5G bands, as well as excellent sync options for a wide array of apps and many different features like recorders, music player, alarms, calendar, compass, and even a 0.3M camera.

The best thing about this smartwatch is the ability to excellent compatibility with all kinds of Android phones. You won’t find any Android 4.3 or up a device that won’t provide a perfect synchronization with this wearable.


  • Works with 2G and 2.5G Bands for Superior Versatility
  • Offers A Complete List of Features & Apps to Use
  • Superb Compatibility with All Types of Android 4.3 or Up Devices
  • Very Easy and Comfortable to Use

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Color Options: Black


Update on 2022-06-15. We're reader powered and may earn an affiliate commission.

What puts the WJPilis DZ09 apart from the crowd is the excellent design it offers. It looks exactly like the rest but comes with a slight improvement when it comes to smoothness and overall shiny touch that seems way better than most.

Still, it manages to be reliable overall, with superb features & tracking system, as well as a fantastic synchronization via Bluetooth with Android and iOS devices.

The best thing about it is that you can use it to make and receive calls with a very clear & loud mic and speaker, making it easier to communicate with it. Let’s not forget it also offers a 0.3M camera and an SD card slot for increasing storage capacity.


  • Looks and Feels Better than Most Options out There
  • Synchronization with Android and iOS Devices is Outstanding
  • Provides Clear & Loud Mic and Speaker Combo for Better Calls
  • Provides A Broad Array of Features & Apps for Convenience

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Color Options: Black, Gold, and Silver


The GZDL is the DZ09 with the smallest display in the market. It’s still highly reliable and offers enough display image to use it comfortably and prevent common issues from happening.

But really, this DZ09 stands out because it is entirely reliable from its system to its excellent build. It lasts longer than other options and still provides a high-quality performance.

The device pairs up with Android and iOS devices very well, and it also provides a superb Bluetooth & 2G connectivity.  You can also use it as a standalone watch and make/receive calls and messages without any problem.


  • Delivers Top-Notch Standalone Ability with SIM Card
  • Totally Easy & Reliable System Operation
  • Small yet Highly Convenient Display
  • Durable & Resistant Build Despite its Price

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Color Options: Black, Gold, Silver, and White

8. Heshi

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Want the cheapest DZ09 model in the market? The Heshi is probably the one you need. It comes with everything other models offer but at a way more affordable price that you won’t find anywhere else.

The synchronization features, as well as the apps and overall reliability, is the same as with others, yet it will cost you less than others.

It is an excellent choice for a quick idea as a gift, it won’t cost much and will still provide the quality most DZ09 offers and more. The Heshi is a perfect choice for anyone on a really tight budget.


  • Cheaper than Any other DZ09
  • Excellent Synchronization & Compatibility
  • Very Useful Apps and Features
  • Useful 1.3 Megapixel Camera

Supported OS: Android & iOS

Color Options: Rose Gold and Black


Update on 2023-05-25. We're reader powered and may earn an affiliate commission.

If you want the sleekest-looking DZ09 in your wrist, the CNPGD is easily the best choice you will find. It looks terrific in every way, while it costs a little more, it offers the most reliable build and design out there.

You can pair it up with any Android device without problems, and it even comes with a USB port you can use to charge or add music and videos too.

The apps and overall features it offers are also handy, making it one of the most convenient yet reliable smartwatches for a low price you will find on the market.


  • Very Sleek & Good-Looking Design
  • Highly Reliable and Durable Construction
  • Excellent Sync and Compatibility Settings & Performance
  • Music & Videos Play Really Well and Clear

Supported OS: Android & iOS

Color Options: All White, Light Silver, and Silver/Back

10. Aipker

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The curved display from the Aipker put it a step further when it comes to quality and design. You will have a unique DZ09 in your wrist that delivers everything other devices offer but with a sleeker and more stylish design.

It works well for practically everything a DZ09 offers, including exceptional synchronization and compatibility, as well as outstanding cellphone bands for clear and hassle-free calls. You won’t have anything to complain about this watch, except for its incompatibility with iOS devices.


  • Excellent Array of Features & Apps to Use
  • Sleek Curved Display for Better Looks & Easy Use
  • Very Reliable Synchronization with All Types of Android Smartphones
  • Fast & Responsive Platform for Easy Operation

Supported OS: Android Only

Color Options: Black and Silver

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying China smart watches lets many doubts and questions, but not many people with the answers. Here, we answer some of the most common doubts most buyers have before and after buying, so read up and learn!

Q: Can you send and receive texts from a DZ09?

A: No, you can’t. In contrast with more expensive and complete smartwatches, DZ09’s do not offer the texting feature. However, you can make and receive calls with most of them.

Q: Can you download apps in a DZ09?

A: It depends. Most DZ09 comes with their own set of apps already pre-installed, while the smallest rest offers a limited list of apps you can download.

Q: How durable and reliable is a DZ09?

A: While these wearables are really cheap and look like they don’t last too much, it is common to find many surprised users after a few months of use. They are less resistant than higher-quality smartwatches but tend to last between 6 months and 1 year or more with heavy use.

Q: Can I replace the battery of my DZ09 when it dies?

A: Sadly, the majority of DZ09 watches don’t offer the opportunity to change the battery when it dies. However, some of them do, which is very convenient for when the watch does not want to work anymore.

Conclusion – Which One to Go For?

DZ09 smartwatches are some of the most confusing wearable electronics in the market. They are cheap, yet offer what many high-quality smartphones do which is just amazing, but also hard when it comes to picking the right one.

Luckily for you, all of them are almost the same, so it is just about choosing the one that comes with a feature or add-on that you like, and that’s it. You won’t be disappointed!

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