5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kid a Smartwatch

Watches for kids such a boring little thing, isn’t it?
It doesn’t always have to be boring.

Back in 2014, Apple Inc. announced Apple watch which was the first of its kind. The company revolutionized the watch industry. By doing so, Apple made a subcategory in the watch industry which is “Smartwatch”.

This advancement in watch technology is not limited to adults only. The technology can be used in such a way which can keep your kids, both entertained and safe at the same time.

Many parents are unaware of the advantages for themselves and their kid via the adaptation of using smartwatches.

This is why I took it upon myself to enlighten parents about five advantages a smartwatch can have if it is used by your kid.

Kid Smartwatch: “Parental Controls and Peace of Mind for Parents”


Parental Controls - Happy Parenting

  1. Your Eyes Are Going To Be On Them

    Kids nowadays are involved in some form of mobile devices. And in this era of internet, everything is at their grasp. Everything! Good and bad.
    This being the reason, there are plenty of parents who have to face a dilemma on whether to let their kids stay connected to the internet or not.
    Kids are more advanced these days, thanks to the internet. Remember us at their age? Embarrassing compared to them, isn’t it?
    Which is why discontinuing internet connection is not an option. What you can do is get a smartwatch which is designed for your kids.
    With this device, you can turn on Parental Controls and view all the activities being done by your kids.
    Once you pair your kids’ smartwatch with his/her device, notifications are going to be transferred via his smartwatch to you thus letting you know all the details that you want.

  2. You Can Track Their Activities Via Smartwatch

    The increasing interest of kids in phones and tablets has resulted in an increase in various health issues among kids.
    This being a serious issue, a kid’s smartwatch is designed in such a manner which will encourage kids to move or go out now and then.
    Activity monitor – which is a built-in app in the device – allows the watch to monitor your kid’s movement and share that information with you.
    Notifications or some sort of motivation will be displayed on the screen of the smartwatch to let your kid know it’s time to move for a while.
    A built-in pedometer tracks your kid’s movement and allows you to learn how much your kid is moving around.
    Activity monitor in your kid’s smartwatch can also be set in such a manner which will lock your kid’s device if he/she didn’t reach the target walking steps set by you.

  3.  You Can Know Your Kid’s Location In Real-Time

    I know you are not trying to be a creep or something, but as a parent, a tension is always there to know if your kids are safe.
    Smartwatches are designed just for that without letting your kids know about it. GPS trackers are built in the device which allows you to track your kids in real time.
    What can make you, even more, stress-free is the fact that this kind of watches are built with a button or something similar which allows your kids to send distress signals when needed.
    This will automatically inform the authorities sending your kids location to them and you at the same time.

  4. Kid Friendly Functions

    The demand for smartwatches are rising steadily and so are the supplies of specially designed kid’s smartwatches.
    Smartwatches are more basic regarding functionality as kids get frustrated with overly complicated functionality of analog wrist watches.
    Sturdiness and affordability are the selling points here. These smartwatches are designed in a manner which matches the lifestyle of a kid. For which the smartwatches are very practical when compared to normal watches for kids.

  5. You Kids Can Be More Independent

    Your kids can safely move around the area of your house without you getting worried about him. This is to give your kids a confidence boost and make him feel as if you are beginning to trust him/her more.
    As mentioned before, smartwatches come with a built-in GPS tracker which allows you to know the location of your kids in real time.
    You would be tension free, and your kids are going to feel more confident about being alone by themselves which is a good thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can kids operate smartwatch with ease?

Yes, of course, kid smartwatches are designed in such a manner which allows the kids to use the smartwatch with ease. The designers of kids smartwatches are aware of their potential customers and do a fine job assessing their needs.

2. How durable are kid’s smartwatches?

Kids smartwatches are made with durable materials. So you can be sure that it is going to be very durable. Unless your kid decides to throw it in the pond and play ball with it, it is going to last a while.

3. What is the price range for kid’s smartwatches?

Kids smartwatch just like any other smartwatch comes at various prices. The prices will vary from $30-$200. There are custom made more expensive ones that can be found in the market. The price for those watches can reach astonishing heights.

4. Are there games in a kid’s smartwatch?

Games are available in the smartwatch but do not get your hopes high with the quality of games present. Smart watches are relatively new in the market thus making it still a working progress.
You can expect high-end games maybe in the future, but for now, normal games have to do.

Final Thoughts

Smartwatches are becoming one of the most popular forms of wearable electronics nowadays even kids.

Making smartwatches not only trendy but also functional is something the developers are working their best on.

Kids smartwatches are made by makers keeping the kids and their parents while going through the making process.

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