Top 13 Kids Smartwatches (Good for Parenting!) in 2019

A good smartwatch of the youngster is not the most common device you will find on the market. Not only because most kids prefer a video game console or a large smartphone or tablet, but because it is not the most useful or reliable product for them.

However, they are still pretty convenient and offer a wide array of advantages kids can benefit a lot from it.

Here we talk about these smartwatches specifically designed for kids as well as some of the most common questions people have about them. So, are you eager to learn more about smartwatches for youngsters? Then come further and find out!

Best 13 Kids Smartwatch: Editor’s Review and Opinions

The options for smart watch kids in the market are many. But more than half of them are not even worth it. That’s why we decided to make a list with the thirteen best models in the market so you can pick the right one according to your needs. Come and learn more!

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  1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX – (4 to 9 Years)


    VTech Kidizoom


The Vtech Kidizoom DX is one of the most enticing and good-looking watches for children you will find. It works perfectly well with its amazing games and activities and even offers a calculator, a calendar, and a timer for even more convenience.

Kids will love it not only because it looks good but because it also offers a resistant silicone construction, which resists massive impacts as well as water splashes and sweat.

You will find it very easy to recharge as well with USB connection, and long-lasting when it comes to battery life. It’s just perfect for any child who likes a reliable and useful smartwatch, especially for its 0.3-MP camera.

The best of all, it comes with a fascinating set of unique designs from Star Wars, like the Stormtrooper design and the BB8 that resemble the characters from the series. Making the watch a perfect choice for Star Wars fans.



  • Easy to Use with Accessible Design & System
  • Very Large Storage Capacity
  • Unique and Stylish Designs and Colors
  • Resistant and Reliable Build with Splash & Sweat Protection


Color Options

  • Purple, Royal Blue, BB8, Black, and Stormtrooper


  1. LG Gizmopal 2: Kids Smart watch with GPS – (4 to 10 Years)



While it is a medium-end wearable for little folk, the LG Gizmopal 2 features some of the most high-end capacities in the market. Including a GPS and tracking system as well as a perfect calling & text apps, this watch does it all and more.

You can get notifications on your smartphone about where your child is by tracking the watch, and it receives calls from up to 4 authorized phone numbers.

The device is also one of the most resistant with a high-quality silicone build, and a waterproof seal. It also works very well with Android 4.0 and iOS 7 systems or newer ones. And of course, it comes with beautiful and enticing color choices.



  • Convenient 4-Number Calling System for Safety
  • Very Reliable & Useful GPS & Tracking System
  • Large & Easy-to-Use Touch Display
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life at 400mAh


Color Options

  • Red, Pink, Green, Blue, and Purple


  1. Pebble Time – (10+ Years)

Not only kids get a wide array of notifications and apps compatibility with this smartwatch, but it also provides an activity tracker (Pebble Time) for children to enjoy.

It is also one of the most resistant wearables at mid-range prices with a 30m waterproof resistance, and it even offers the chance to reply to text and app messages via voice.

The best thing about it is the Bluetooth 4.0 that allows you to connect it to any Android or iOS smartphone without issues. And if all this wasn’t enough, the device comes with a robust stainless steel build and a tough silicone strap, perfect for the most active child out there.



  • Exceptional Build for a More Durable & Reliable Product
  • High-Quality Connectivity & Compatibility Options
  • Calling & Voice Features Surpass Most in the Market
  • Simple yet Stylish & Enticing Design for Kids over Ten Years


Color Options

  • Red, White and Black


  1. TickTalk 2.0: GPS and SIM  – (4 to 12 Years)

TickTalk 2.0: Smart Watch for kids with GPS, Phone Call

You could say the TickTalk 2.0 is the best standalone smartwatch for any kid between 4 and 12 years old. It helps to receive and send calls as well as track the movement of the user via GPS and a 3-way locator.

You will also receive an outstanding set of features including WiFi and compatibility with many Android & iOS apps. The watch is the perfect choice for any children who like a reliable product as well as a good-looking one.

It is also effortless to use wearable and works well when it comes to keeping the kid in check, with several security features & add-ons you won’t find on any other watch.

It even comes with a SIM card slot and 2G capacity so you can allow your children to make and receive calls to and from up to 13 contacts. There’s just not a more convenient & safe watch out there.



  • Insanely Safe & Convenient System
  • Excellent GPS Tracking System with 2D and 3D Maps
  • Long-Lasting and Resistant Case and Strap
  • Convenient Set of Features for Entertainment & Security Purposes


Color Options

  • Red, Blue, Pink and Yellow


  1. GBD Gen2 Pro – (3 to 9 Years)


The GBD Gen2 Pro AR Edition offers one of the most entertaining yet reliable experiences for your youngster. It comes with an Augmented Reality feature with 4D virtual objects, several images with animals, as well as some of the most alluring builds and designs out there.

You will get everything you can ask for a kid’s watch with the GBD AR Pro Edition, including a 1.3 MP camera for lots of fun.

It also comes with many funny games, more than 30 animals photograph, standard features such as alarms, calculators, and stopwatch, and a Panda Recording ability, which distorts the voice of kids. Let’s not forget it also comes with a reliable construction and a waterproof build for better durability.



  • Exceptional Designs & Colors for a Very Enticing Touch
  • Several Funny Games and Features to Interact With
  • Totally Reliable and Durable Construction
  • Excellent Addition of 1.3 MP Camera


Color Options

  • Gray with Green, Purple with Pink, and Red with Pink


  1. Ambygear WIZARD: GPS and Smart Watch Phone for Youngsters.





If you want a watch that does it all and a little more the Ambygear Wizard will be a perfect choice for your youngster. It helps to keep track of your keep everywhere he goes with a GPS and LBS system, as well as a SafeZone feature that allows your kid to stay on safe places as well as alerting him where he goes off.

The device also comes with a private SIM card connectivity that allows the parent to call and receive calls from their child.

Apart from that, it offers a fantastic Fitness Tracking system to keep an eye on your child health, as well as a Quiet Time feature, perfect for turning on and off the tracking system. And last but not least, the device is water and shock resistant, perfect for a kid’s wrist.



  • Excellent Tracking System with GPS and LBS
  • Top-notch Quiet Time & SafeZone Features for Control
  • Provides Sweat and Water Resistance with Fitness Tracking
  • Private Cellular Connection for Parent’s Calls


Color Options

  • Blue, Black, and Pink


  1. DokiWatch S – (6 to12 Years)



Maybe the best smart watch for children you will find, the DokiWatch S offers the safest, most reliable, funniest, and most responsive watch in the market for teenagers too. It is a fantastic choice not only for its capabilities but also for its excellent design and appealing looks while being very resistant and reliable overall.

It comes with features such as VoIP calling, texting, video and voice calls, GPS, fitness tracking, Bluetooth, emergency options, emojis, smart locator, alerts, several modes, and much more.

You quickly get the most complete and useful device in the market, perfect for demanding parents who want their kids to have the best and safest product.



  • Safest Product with GPS, LBS, Locator, Fitness Tracking and More
  • Excellent Text, Calling and Emoji Features for Better Communication
  • Wide Array of Background Images and Graphics for Personalization
  • Outstanding 2.0 MP Camera for Video Calling & Photo Taking


Color Options

  • Dazzle Pin, Sonic Blue, and Shark Gray


  1. hereO GPS  Smartwatch– (3 to 10 Years)


hereO Kids GPS watch


Not only it comes with GPS, a sturdy water-proof construction, and a perfectly designed custom build for superior looks, it also offers a wide array of features any kid will get the most from. Whether it is for security or communication, or for just having a more stylish watch, this device does it all and much more.

It sends and receives calls/messages, offers several alerts, receives direction instructions, and even works as a fitness tracking system. This smartwatch will help children get more technological and enjoy the safest and better-looking device in the market.

If you think that wasn’t enough, it comes with a 410mAh battery that offers up to 48 hours of use so your kid can feel totally safe and dependable with the product. You won’t find many smartwatches as good as hereO.



  • Top-notch Set of Features for Safety and Communication
  • Superb 410mAh Battery for up to 2 Days of Constant Use
  • Very Reliable and Long-Lasting Construction
  • Simple yet Stylish set of Designs and Colors


Color Options

  • Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry, and Lemon


  1. Omate Wherecom K3: Games, GPS & Phone All in one – (6 to 10 Years)

A dependable product is always more useful than a good-looking one, but luckily the Wherecom K3 from Omate offers both benefits. It is a highly appealable product with all kinds of features your child can use for safety and overall convenience.

From a GPS for tracking to a WiFi connection, the 3G cellular network, and even Bluetooth to hook it with smartphones, the Wherecome K3 is an option not to overlook.

The device goes a step further from other wearables by boasting a 600mAh battery that lasts up to 3 days without stop. And what’s even better, it comes with 512MB of RAM and a Dual-Core 1Ghz processor with Android 5.1, making it a hugely responsive and fast smart watch with Games, GPS & Phone All in one for kids.



  • The Most Responsive & Fastest Smartwatch Platform
  • Totally Reliable and Safe to Use for Kids between 6 and 10 Years
  • Outstanding Connectivity Options with 3G, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth
  • Top-Notch Battery Capacity at 600mAh for 3 Days of Use


Color Options

  • Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Red


  1. LeapFrog LeapBand – (4 to 7 Years)


Perfect for little children, the Leapfrog Leapband offers one of the most entertaining experiences you can hope from a smartwatch for kids with game and fitness tracking. It is totally addictive and looks really good, which makes children use it even more.

But the real deal about this watch is the parent controls, the safety features, and the tracking system, making the watch a hugely safe & convenient product to have.

It is compatible with any Android or iOS device, whether it is a smartphone or tablet. And it offers a superb app for smartphones which helps to get the best from the games and challenges, as well as make the watch a lot more useful. With this model, you just get a great watch that focuses on entertainment more than anything else.



  • Many Games, Challenge and Fun Features for Kids to Enjoy
  • Fitness Tracking Feature Allows Parents to Monitor Children
  • Very Appealing Design with Colorful Style
  • Totally Easy to Do and Reliable Entirely


Color Options

  • Blue, Green, and Pink


  1. KD Interactive Kurio Watch 2.0 – (6 to 10 Years)


The Kurio Watch 2.0 from KD Interactive is easily one of the most entertaining models in the list. You will get Bluetooth to send messages and calls by connecting to a phone, and you also had the opportunity to send everything from emojis to selfies and even videos.

The watch also comes with standard features such as calculator and alarms, plus a very reliable activity tracker for superb convenience.

The best of this watch for kids is the several games it comes with. This makes it one of the funniest smartwatches in the market, perfect for any kid who wants to have not only a useful device but also one that helps him/her out of boredom. It is also splash resistant and shockproof, making it a reliable and durable companion as well.



  • Excellent Set of Standard Features for Convenience
  • Very Long-Lasting and Resistant Shock & Splash Proof Build
  • Top-Notch Games and Funny Abilities
  • Well-Made Entirely with Alluring Design


Color Options

  • Pink, Lavender, and Blue


  1. Octopus Joy Kids Smartwatch


The Octopus Joy is a smartwatch that focuses entirely on alarms and alerts for your little buddy. It is still a pretty safe to use and beautiful product, offers superb battery durability, and even comes with a water-resistant build for reliability.

The watch is not the most useful among them, but it will surely come like a really convenient choice for those parents who want to teach their kids the value of time and responsibilities.

Whether it is to alert them to study, take a bath, do exercise, or just do the chores around the house – this watch comes like a beneficial tool.



  • Wide Array of Alerts & Alarms with Hundreds of Icons
  • Very Comfortable and Reliable Build Entirely
  • Affordable & Accessible Cost for Kids
  • Good-Looking and Well-Made Entirely


Color Options

  • Sky Blue and Red


  1. Hanggang – (4 to 12 Years)

Perfect for children who want to boast a stylish watch on their wrist while still having the chance to enjoy a highly reliable product with tons of features to enjoy.

It comes with a contact list for calls and messages, it offers a few small games to play when bored, and even comes with a 0.3 MP camera to take photos and selfies.

The display is one of the largest in the market, making it a highly reliable and exciting product to have. It will make your kid look better while promoting a funny yet durable device. The Hanggang watch is a pretty option that won’t disappoint.



  • Funny & Interesting Games and Features
  • Durable and Reliable Construction
  • Very Good-Looking and Stylish Design
  • Works for Kids Of Almost all Ages


Color Options

  • Pink and Blue


Frequently Asked Questions

So, are you looking for a smart watch for kids? Then you’re undoubtedly a little insecure about what to pick still. If that’s how you feel, then knowing a little more about them will make it easier for you to select.

Here are a few answers to common questions you probably need to know:

Q: Are kid’s smartwatches as durable as normal ones?

A: It depends heavily on the brand and the overall build quality. Frequently, however, they tend to last many years before showing signs of tear, wear, or just malfunctioning.

Q: What sets a smartwatch for kids apart from a regular one?

A: The main feature of a kid’s watch is the design and color use. If a watch is colorful and with enticing design, it’s probably oriented towards young consumers.

Q: Is the battery of kid watch better than a regular smartwatch?

A: Even though it is a kid’s device and usually young people tend to drain out batteries faster than adults, a smartwatch for youngster tends to last more and offer far better results in the long term.

Q: Are these smartwatches resistant to water and shocks like others?

A: Yes, most of them offer high-quality resistance towards water splashes, dripping, sweat, and even submersion for up to 30 minutes or more. They are as reliable as regular smartwatches.


Conclusion – Which One to Go For?

When you buy a kid’s smart watch, you are getting a product that will not only make your kid’s life more entertaining and refreshing but also safer than without.

A smartwatch is more than just a personal or entertainment device; it’s close to being the best security product you can give your child. You can choose a smart watch with games, or kids GPS/phone smartwatch if you are concerned about safety.

So, it is essential to go for the one that fits your needs and desires the most. Whether you want the most security-oriented product or the most entertaining, that’s up to you – but surely this guide will help you pick the right one accordingly.

Don’t waste more of your time and buy one now! You won’t be disappointed!

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